Fear and allusion is made up of a number of sequences in which the viewer’s eyes are led across surfaces, with a focus on upholding this evolving motion, never letting the eye to settle or become complacent. The surfaces are bright and saturated, although tainted by forms of manipulation, they are ambiguous as to whether referent to bodily or earthly terrain; cracked, eroded, crumpled and undulating as expected of organic matter, yet obviously residing in the artificial domain of the virtual. The gloved hands, attempt to control, smooth, erase or destroy these signs of wear, playing out tensions of the destructive permutation of temporality on the surface. The imagery in each clip fades into one another, varying in intensity, some providing relief from the aggressive saturation and uncomfortable sound effects; unpleasant crackling or impending rapid breath, while other clips sooth with running water or abstract melody. The work deals with an anthropocentric desire to control, suppress or glorify nature, and inevitable reminders that float to the surface, of destruction and decay completely out of our hands.