The slogan Vivid Living plays on the dual meaning of ‘vivid’ to be both brightly coloured, and the bringing to mind clear, powerful and affective imagery. Vivid Living mocks the assertion, that there is a clear and best possible life narrative, a nod to recent trends in popular culture of the phrase “living my best life”. Vivid living suggests there are varying degrees to which we can live, or are seen to be living, a prospect that our life should be vibrant, exciting and exhaustive of the values of normative cultural narratives. The slogan is paradoxically set against a background of dark water, it is translucent and sinister, it acts as an omen to the possibility our lives are not vivid enough. The imagery constantly flickers between backgrounds of organic terrain, images from a collection of desktop wallpapers, portals to a “better” idyllic world, of tropical sunsets and dewy green grass, punctuated by images of ambiguous organic tensions and the return of grasping gloved hands. All the while, throughout this chaos, the non-human life of the snail continues to move, at a notably slower pace alongside and in contrast to the chaos of a pursuit towards a vivid human life and inevitable disappointments.